Mess Is More

50 Shades of Green

March 02, 2021 Nathan & Emily Season 1 Episode 31
Mess Is More
50 Shades of Green
Show Notes

It’s not easy being green with envy. It’s even harder when the person inviting the wrath of your green-eyed monster is your partner.

Turns out it’s a slippery slope from admiration, emulation, and pride to malicious behavior.

Most people don’t like to admit it, but it’s easy to harbor resentment  with your spouse over careers, popularity, attractiveness, wealth, prestige and a host of other things that should make us nothing but proud...except they make us feel so damn worthless.

If comparison is the thief of joy, then envy is the little green goblin of grudgingness.

Check out this article, To Love and To Envy  by Dana Shavin in Psychology Today! Also, here are 4 Ways to Deal With Significant Other Envy

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