Mess Is More

The Babymoon Bonanza Episode!

April 30, 2021 Season 1 Episode 36
Mess Is More
The Babymoon Bonanza Episode!
Show Notes

This week Emily & Nate recount the adventure of their BabyMoon.  What is a BabyMoon? How does one do it? Well we’ve got answers apparently, because a registered OB in Key West chased us down the street to ask us all about it.

The final trip as a duo is a great chance to reflect on where you’ve been as a couple and look forward to how the new addition to your family is going to change everything.

All of that was great, but like  most things in marriage, it wasn’t without its messes.

From coming out of quarantine, 3rd trimester symptoms, and finding themselves in the open waters of the Atlantic, their trip to the Florida Keys  was something they’ll never forget.

Also, hear an update on our most recent ultrasound and find out how to drive your parents crazy by telling everyone in another state the gender of your baby, but not them.

70 Days to go!

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